Conquer Online offers a chance to win a trip to China

Earlier in January, 2011, TQ Digital announced the “Win a Free Trip to China! Lucky Draw Event” for their famous Kung Fu MMORPG, Conquer Online, and quickly attracted the attention of the masses.

Today, Conquer Online want to announce the first leg of this journey is being revealed! We also want to remind you that all our new CO subscribers and existing players are able to take part in this grand sweepstakes! All you need to do is training your character to level 50 and credit one TQ Point Card B between Mar. 15th – Apr. 30th. After that, you can log into the Event Page (Will be revealed at a later time) and sign up for this event! There are 3 slots available, ready to whisk you away on a free trip to China!

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During this 7-day trip, you will get to visit TQ Headquarters and travel to Song Mountain, a world historical and cultural heritage spot, where you will visit a real-life Shaolin Temple, as well as even more famous scenic locations in Southern China. The trip is scheduled for July, 2011.
The winning players will start their journey in China from the beautiful coastal city of Fuzhou, where TQ Digital is located. There, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste traditional Chinese cuisine, as well as meet Conquer’s developers and Chinese Conquer fans!
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