Conquer Online has presented some new PvP feautures

The Action-MMORPG Conquer Online has introduced a whole new edge to players’ strategies in battle.

Today, several new features have been added to the PvP Zone Gale Shallow that will bring the breakneck action all the way to the misty beaches.

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Gale Shallow it’s the perfect battlefield for all players to meet for the ultimate PvP deathmatch.

- New Demons Drop High Level Dragon Souls — Indomitable mobs spawn and lurk about every dark corner, with promises of alluring loot and lofty treasures. These mobs will now begin dropping high level (phase 4-6) dragon souls. Only players with true courage will be able to become the richest and most powerful in the land.

- Show No Mercy, Spare No Lives — Blades are sharpened and guns will be loaded at all times for these intense battles. In this new map, there will be no rules or restrictions to PKing! Players will have the green light to unleash their cruel inner beasts and can take down as many other players as they like.

- Loot and Plunder All Rivals — Combatants will have to watch their backs in Gale Shallows, because the stakes have just been raised. Players will now have three times the chance of plundering their adversaries’ gear.

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