Combat Arms has arrived to 4 million registered players in Europe

Combat Arms, the multiplayer first-person shooter, has announced that the game has surpassed the 4 million registered players across Europe.

This signifies 1 million new players in the last 5 months, and to celebrate, NEXON Europe is treating players to a hugely impressive arsenal of new features.

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“Servicing an online game that is being played by multi-million players is a rare experience” said Mr. Sungjin Kim, the C.E.O. of NEXON Europe. “We would like to thank the community supporting such a rapid growth and in return we are striving to bring more excitement to our European soldiers with fresh content. Our monthly updates will not stop.”

Welcome to Hallow Ravine - What was once just a series of twisty paths, winding trails, and overgrown roads known only to hikers and smugglers, has recently become a hotbed of international criminal activity. Unmapped, shielded from satellite surveillance, and confusing to any but the best trackers and scouts, the Hallow Ravine has become the locale of choice for shady dealings ranging from international arms sales to hostage exchanges. When the winds are just right, a thick fog blankets these hills, making it a perfect place for ambushes and private quarrels to be conducted away from the prying eyes of law enforcement.

Killer New Abilities System - Combatants can now experience a wealth of new skills by ascending through the ranks and obtaining EXP, that will eventually bring a richer and thrilling gameplay experience to the battlefield. There are multiple abilities available: “Pitcher”, which allows you to enhance your grenade-lobbing skill, “Specter”, which enables you to tread lightly as a ghost and “Awareness” that provides you with bionic-ear like precision to hear the enemy’s slightest footsteps.

EXP to Boot
- As if all this wasn’t enough, NEXON will be offering all players a chance to level up even faster in their scheduled EXP boost events. On the 18th and 25th September, and 2nd October, soldiers will be rewarded with 3 times more EXP for playing between 19:00 and 20:00 CET.

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