Combat Arms Europe has released a new update, Belly of the Beast, that comes with a new Fireteam mode

Nexon Europe has announced a new update for its Free-to-play MMOFPS Combat Arms Europe, Belly of the Beast, that comes with a brand new fireteam mode.

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- Prepare for the Ultimate Siege - The Combat Arms soldiers are going to be able to infiltrate the Headquarters of the world’s most evil, violent conglomerate, Nemexis. On outside it appears to be only an ordinary Office-Building but on the second sight this new territory is controlled by blood-hungry, genetically-enhanced super soldiers, ready to fiercely defend the murky secrets of their stronghold and to come down at you in waves. Your secondary objective will be to locate the devastating D.R.E.A.D, a just recently finished Prototype Gunship with the capacity to end civilizations. Using technology obtained by force and intimidation, this potentially world-ending piece of weaponry must be found and destroyed.

- Reinforcements for your mission - Nexon would never send a solider into battle unprepared. In order to complete this assignment, a host of new abilities and combat skills have been laid at your disposal. Learn these techniques for a chance at earning victory. In addition, servers have been updated and improved to increase efficiency in joining parties. Soldiers will benefit from a new Quick start System, allowing them to base more mission-joining on personal preference. This combination of new skills and faster matching based on your preference will prove vital in taking down Nemexis.

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