Closed beta keys giveaway for Zombies Monsters Robots


Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta 2 starts today (supported for the North America region only) and we have a key for you, in case you wanna play it.

Players who already have access to the Zombies Monsters Robots (known in Europe as Hazard Ops) Closed Beta 1 will automatically receive access to the recently launched Closed Beta 2, featuring everything from the first action-packed closed beta phase as well as four all-new maps, including Minesweeper, Headshot Hotel, Rooftop Rumble, and Area 51.


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To get your key, simply follow the instructions:

Step 1. Never miss a giveaway by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Step 2. Complete the captcha, then add your email to the field above (beside the “Get Your Key” button) you can only sign up once for this giveaway. If is the first time you use our system please check your email to validate it and add again the same mail in the field above.

Step 3. Sing in to your Zombies Monsters Robots “ZMR” account if you don’t already have an En Masse account.

Step 4. Click on Account Settings.

Step 5. Click on Enter Code at the top of En Masse Account Overview

Step 6. Enter your closed beta key code.

Step 7. You should now have access to the Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta. Click on ‘Download Game’ in the ‘Your Games’ section to begin downloading the game client.


Zombies Monsters Robots screenshots (11) Zombies Monsters Robots screenshots (8) Zombies Monsters Robots screenshots (4) Zombies Monsters Robots screenshots (3)

ZMR is an intense free to play fast-paced third person shooter in which players have to face and defeat hordes of monsters, monstrous enemies and bosses across co-op campaigns and wave-based missions, as well as fight other players in PvP fights.

If you want to know more about this title, check out our profile by clicking the "Info" button below.



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