Closed Beta Keys for the spanish version of Rappelz now available

Gpotato has announced that the popular fantasy MMORPG Rappelz in Spanish. Players will be thrown right into the heart of the action, as the game starts in Epic 7: Dimensions.

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Closed beta is scheduled for later this Spring! Players can visit the official closed beta news section to obtain a key!

Rappelz’s hardcore action will be sure to please Spanish-speaking audiences, with a robust pet system, extensive quests, player-ownable dungeons, and a dynamic PvP system. Players are able to choose from three races Gaia, the Deva, and Asura-- representing Earth, Creation, and Destruction. Characters can then become one of fifteen distinct classes through different levels of customization; from Monster Tamers and axe-wielding Battle Mages to Soul Breeders and crossbow-shooting Shadow Hunters.

Players can also enjoy raising their battle pets: magical pixies, ferocious orcs, divine white dragons, and terrifying death tyrants, all can be tamed and evolved!

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