City of Heroes presents its Summer Blockbuster Event

This summer, City of Heroes brings you an exciting double feature event of pulse-pounding action in the Summer Blockbuster Event! In these new back-to-back adventures inspired by classic movie themes, you battle through time or plan the perfect heist.

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On July 10, Paragon Studios will be releasing their own action-packed, summer adventures in an exciting double feature of super-powered goodness. The City of Heroes Summer Blockbuster Event features a non-stop adrenaline rush as players take the lead role in back-to-back adventures inspired by classic action movies. Instead of watching a movie, take yourself center stage as you fight for honor and glory in the arena, or use your enhanced skills to plan the perfect casino heist – all with the trademark City of Heroes twist.

The Summer Blockbuster Event is a two parts co-op event for a group of four characters of Level 15-50:

- Time Gladiator: You are thrust through time into a time-lost gladiatorial arena. To escape, you must defeat the three champions of the coliseum and their bizarre and dangerous henchmen.

- The Casino Heist: A vast fortune hides behind the doors of the Tyrant's Palace Casino. With the right plan and a smart crew, this job could set you up for life. The only things in your way are armed guards, a statethe-art security system, and an impenetrable vault.

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