Christmas is coming to Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead, with some holiday events

Joymax has presented the holiday events of their World War II MMOFPS with a zombie twist, Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead.
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The first KARMA event pits countrymen against each other: the KP Drive rewards the top user from each country who spends the most KP now until January 3rd. One winner from each country will receive a 7-day Weight +100 boost, allowing them to carry a huge amount of armor and weapons into battle during that time.

To test your new skills, jump into the many GM-sponsored contests True Marksman matches held several times a day during the week. Jump into any GM-created room and be the winner of a sniper match. Prizes are awarded to the winning team as well as outstanding individuals including the soldier with the most kills. All who participate will receive a 3-day EXP +50%, and the top sniper, win or lose, will be granted a precious AWP. Feel like your expertise is closer than a scope? Head over to any Western Shootout room and as a team armed with pistols rise triumphant over your opponents.

Last but not least, players can prove who is better, the clans, or the GM team. Every Thursday, dive into the Prison Break, where hot 4v4 action will steam up all three Prisoner maps. If you've got what it takes to edge out the GM team 2 of 3 rounds, your comrades will receive the rare silver bullet, as well as five bronze bullets. This is one of the rare opportunities to win this coveted ammo, so be prepared for a tough battle ahead.

Once your clan has defeated the game's caretakers, they can compete against each other in the new Clan Champions League.

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