Christmas is coming to ACE Online with a new update

Wicked Interactive has announced that its 3D space shooter ACE Online, is going to celebrate Christmas with some updates and new features.

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The Christmas Update comes with:

- Xmas trees, in-game decorations and other holiday surprises
- Xmas Event Map: The goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible on the map. Santa Cats and Snowmen will fly around, spreading X-mas jeers as they do everything they can to stop you from winning their ultimate prize: a flying Christmas Truck gear, if you’re lucky enough to get the drop.

In addition, the 16th tier of armor powered by Circinus, the compass constellation of the stars, has been presented. Using a token at the armor machine will give you a chance to win these glorious new armor. You can also win one of the new weapons from the weapon machine using a weapon machine token.

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