Chinese Tanks Arrive in Armored Warfare


Update 0.13 is now available on Armored Warfare. The Chinese tanks roll in along with a new PvP map, a new matchmaking system and changes to the PvE reward system so it works similarly to PvP.

Watch the trailer below.

The new map, Coastal Threat, is a 1200x1200 map that consists of several regions that give space to flank the enemies. It features a city that can be used by heavy vehicles to advance under cover and wide areas that provide wide arcs of fire.

The update also introduces an event where both European and North American players will be able to choose a faction to fight for until March 6: The White Lancers or the Hellhounds mercenaries. The event will be split into three rounds (lasting roughly a week each) in a best-of-three playoff format. During each round both teams will accumulate reputation and the one that manages to win two full rounds will be declared the overall winner.

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