Checking Out TERA’s Lost isle Update

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Checking Out TERA's Lost isle Update

We headed over to TERA to take a look at the newest update, Lost Isle, which went live a few days ago. It promises to add a little extra content for new, old and returning players, namely with accessibility to the Gridiron level 65 battleground being given a lvl 40 to 64 version known as the Gridiron Academy, as well as a “Returning Hero” feature for old inactive accounts coming back to the game getting boosts and upgrades.

For us, we focused on the new character content, starting with character creation the developers have changed around the UI and look at little, allowing players to choose their race and class (and various combinations included) from a single screen, which generally makes it a little easier to see what your options are instead of having to go to and from different screens.

Beyond char creation we were taken to a new starting zone, with a shift in the games ever evolving story-arc TERA has now uncovered the long hidden Stepstone Isle, which will be the new location for characters first entering the world instead of the Island of Dawn. Loading up in the area was a little on the laggy side at times, but expected as players try out the new zone for the first time, also as expected was that the area looked impressive and offers the same picturesque vistas that we’ve come to know and love from TERA. The general premise of the storyline is that a handful of children have been revealed to have the Sight, a sort of view into the future that can help the mages of the Mysterium work out what the future holds for Arborea and the titans’ dream.

The quests are simple enough and the tutorial mode does a good job at teaching the basics of movement and combat, but the game itself is fairly simple anyway and we’re more than used to these sorts of games. The quest content is a little on the iffy side for us, the opening quest is trying to recover a doll for a little girl, not exactly the heroic entrance we had in mind, but we see that it is in preparation of trying to build up some sort of connection with our character and the girl herself. This connection is most important when the starter village is attacked and razed to the ground by score of invaders and we’re forced to protect her; the spawn of the different mobs and having to kill them was a little tedious, their own mechanics and attacks weren’t that different from each other, and we didn’t have that much damage output so killing them took a while (whilst in turn they weren’t doing that much damage either).

The mid part of the new player zone content that took place during the attack on the village revealed our first BAM (“Big Ass Monster”) so it was fun to get a chance to fight it, though with our pretty elite skills we had no problems taking it down, though we had seen in Area Chat someone actually asking for help; presumably it’s a challenge to some given the more powerful attacks and unique mechanics to the battle. Killing the BAM took us to level 5 and the halfway point of the zone and had taken about 30 minutes or so, giving players an idea on how quickly the journey to lvl 11 now is and the point at which the starter zone finished. We didn’t explore too far beyond this point so as to keep some elements a secret to readers, but from what we saw the starter experience should be interesting enough and slightly challenging for new players and so more than a welcome addition for a more focused experience.

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