Chaos War runs through November 14th in Tales Runner

Tales Runner has announced the beginning of its Ultimate Chaos War, through November 14th, 2010. Chaos Wars are a unique feature of the game that challenges the two factions – Angel and Devil – to conquer nine different maps of the special PvP zone, Chaos Land. Each map allows the players of its occupying faction to obtain a special unique item, only available during a Chaos War.

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Click image for larger version. Name:	3rdChaosPets_Helio.jpg Views:	120 Size:	67.3 KB ID:	1170Click image for larger version. Name:	3rdChaosPets_Spike.jpg Views:	123 Size:	62.2 KB ID:	1171
The Ultimate battle gives the victor the ultimate spoils of war. Players will be able to obtain the brand new Chaos pets by collecting materials from the 9 different maps. Angel players will be able create Helio, an adorable, cherubic, flying unicorn that will serve as a constant companion throughout challenging races. On the other hand, Devil players will be able to create Spike, a feisty whelp full of fight and fire!

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