Celebration events for the Returning Light expansion of Conquer Online

The TQ team has announced the official plans for the grand celebration of the upcoming new expansion of Conquer Online, the Returning Light. Arriving on Dec. 16th, the third season of the Legends Return expansion will bring the holy “Monk” class, as well as other exciting features, into the world of Conquer. To celebrate the release of the new expansion, Conquer Online will launch a string of spectacular celebration events during this Christmas season, starting on Dec. 16th! You’ll be able to explore intriguing quests, share your cherished CO moments with the community, and even win some fantastic prizes.

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Online Events:
· Beginner’s Call: Luxurious gift packs for NEW characters, coming on Dec.16th. Fabulous gifts all along the way, to help you level up fast & smooth.
· Pure Monk Bonus Rewards: Players who play as a Monk during the event will be receiving some bonus rewards when achieving certain levels, which can even include DragonBalls.
· Dream Land for Monks: A brand new map for a brand new class! Seek your own fortune in the unexplored lands of Conquer.
· Upgraded Events & Quests: Explore the universe of Conquer through massive engaging in-game events and quests. All the rewards have been upgraded and are waiting for you to claim.

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Offline Events:
· Buzz! Who’s the Quiz Master: Learn CO knowledge and win great rewards! Fun & easy.
· Monk Ranking Contest: Who’s the Master Shifu? The Top 3 Monks of each server in the ranking list will be awarded awesome gifts.
· Welcome Home, Veterans: CO’s special appreciation for the veterans! Exclusive gifts for all of our returning players.
· Guild’s Recall: All guild members will be able to claim a special gift during the event! So gear up for the epic battle and fight for glory.
· Up for Grabs: Wonderful gifts for all CO players, in celebration of the new expansion.

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