Carte has revealed that its american closed beta is going to start the next February 23rd has unveiled the release date of the american closed beta date of their first global online trading card game, Carte.

The registration is now open and Carte is starting its closed beta the next February 23rd.

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Players joining Carte will almost immediately gain a starter deck for each nation, so they can explore both the deck building possibilities and the underlying story expressed through the cards. Each nation in Arcadia has its own heroes, villains, and plots to be unveiled as the game progresses.

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The continent of Arcadia is entering the bloodiest conflict it has ever seen, and the battles will play out on the card table of Carte. Each deck is led by a Hero card of the player's choice, with heroes from the storyline such as the elf Serya Tasdelen or the Evil King Belial available. Players then build a 64-card deck around their hero, with cards representing not only the armies of their nation but also important storyline events or signature weapons.

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"Carte is based on a real card game - the most successful trading card game of all time," said Chris Ahn, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus. "Amazing illustrations bring every card to life, allowing players to build decks that shout their personalities in an unforgettable way."

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