Canaan Stories, a facebook app for Canaan Online

gPotato Europe has announced Canaan Stories, a Facebook application for Canaan Online, its manga-fantasy browser game. By monitoring in-game activities, Canaan Stories allows players to share epic tales of their adventures in the Canaan Online world with their Facebook friends.
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If a player challenges a dungeon or defeats a fierce monster, their Facebook friends will be told of their courageous battles and arduous training via short stories posted on their Facebook wall, with a maximum of one story every two days. The post automatically includes the player’s character name and a short description of what they have accomplished.

To celebrate the launch of this innovative inter-connection between games and social networking, each player’s first Canaan Stories post will grant them a brand new and exclusive pet: the gPotato himself. Based on the character from the gPotato Europe logo, the pet is small, cute and very powerful, with strength and constitution as his main stats, making him a great support pet for all classes during combat.
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