Cabal Online releases a new content update has just released the latest content update for Cabal Online, its free-to-play fantasy/sci-fi MMORPG. The latest update, called Return of the Guardians, adds to the game a brand new instance, new items which affect specific skills, a new guild ranking system and a new guardian system for the Nation Wars.

Cabal 2Cabal 1

The new features include:
· The Awakened Forbidden Island, a challenging dungeon instance
· Enchant Point System, to help with item upgrading
· Daily Dungeon Reward system, rewarding players for completing dungeon instances on a daily basis
· Effector Items, powering up specific combat skills when equipped
· Over 50 new Achievements to unlock
· A brand-new Guild Ranking system
· The Guardian title system for the Nation War PvP battles

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