Cabal Online has announced a new expansion titled Arcane Trace has announced a new expansion for its MMORPG Cabal Online, named Arcane Trace.

The free expansion will be published in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish versions.

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Episode 9 - Arcane Trace, is planned to be published in autumn this year, and comes with some new features, that includes:

- A new map, Arcane Trace, accessible to players above level 180
- A completely revamped crafting system, rebuilt from the ground up to make crafting more engaging and profitable
- A daily boss battle with the Arcane Golem of Rage, which promises tons of epic loot for players
- Meister-level items, created exclusively by crafting
- New bracelets and earrings, up to +8 level
- New Charm accessories to make characters even more powerful
- A completely new Dance emote, based on the Shuffle dance from LMFAO

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