Cabal on mobile devices

Cabal on mobile devices
Cabal on mobile devices

Unleash Your Most Devastating Combos in a Whole New Way in CABAL: Return of Action

Classic MMORPG gears up for mobile with pre-registrations and upcoming closed beta test

Get ready to see the dark fantasy world of Nevareth in a whole new way in CABAL: Return of Action. The upcoming free-to-play mobile title is being developed by CABAL Online creators ESTsoft Inc and will feature the fast-paced combo-driven combat that players have come to know and love from the classic MMORPG with a legacy that has spanned more than 15 years. Players eager to be the first to experience CABAL: Return of Action can now pre-register for the game and will be able to take part in a closed beta test from August 3rd - 6th. Cabal of iOS or Cabal for Android.

In CABAL: Return of Action, Nevareth is thrown into chaos by evil forces that have returned after a millennium. Rise to meet the ancient evil that has reemerged by playing as one of 8 powerful classes and quell the forces looking to annihilate everything in its path. As players progress, they’ll be able to customize their characters with limitless combinations of weapons, armor, wings, pets, mounts, and vehicles. In addition, players will be able to earn achievements, skill ranks, and honor ranks.

No matter which class players choose to take up arms as, they’ll need to master the precise timing and quick reflexes needed to get the most out of their character’s skills, buffs, and abilities. As players hone their combo skills, they’ll be able to take on hundreds of dungeons, quests, world bosses, and more. Those looking to test their skills against other players will be able to engage in intense PvP battles, from one on one duels to massive scheduled server-wide nation wars where the victor decides the fate of Nevareth.

New with CABAL: Return of Action are the auto combat, auto quest, and auto dungeon mobile features; designed to give players a dynamic experience on mobile. Developed to allow for passive gameplay, the new mobile features will allow player characters to continue to progress even while the game is minimized.

Players looking to dive into the immersive world of CABAL: Return of Action early can pre-register for the game now and will be automatically eligible to participate in the upcoming closed beta test, which will run from August 3rd - 6th on iOS and Android. To stay up to date on CABAL: Return of Action, visit the official site. Players can also chat with other denizens of Nevareth by joining the official Discord.


• A class for every playstyle: Choose from eight class options and play as a Blader, Wizard, Warrior, Gladiator, Force Gunner, Force Archer, Force Blader, or Force Shielder.
• Combo-driven combat: Precise timing and quick reflexes make for an engaging combat experience. Master your character’s skills, buffs, and abilities to unleash powerful combinations against your foes.
• Go solo or group up: Explore the dark fantasy world of Nevareth solo or group up with friends in parties of up to eight players to take on dungeons, quests, world bosses, and more. Join up with players in guilds, clans, and massive multiplayer parties.
• Ultimate PvP combat: Take on players one on one in duels, battle it out with other guilds in guild wars, team up in PvP arenas, or rise through the ranks of Procyon or Capella in massive scheduled server-wide 100 vs 100 battles where the victor determines the fate of Nevareth.
• Customize your character: With limitless combinations of armor, weapons, wings, pets, mounts, and vehicles, you can deck out your character the way you like as you battle the forces of evil.
• Rise through the ranks: Unlimited character progression with item upgrades, character achievements, and skill ranks. Rise to the upper echelon of Nevareth with honor ranks in both PvE and PvP.

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