C9 Goes Into Chaos

C9 Goes Into Chaos


Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) will receive tomorrow a new content update, "Chaos Spire", introducing a new raid dungeon, new enemies, new items and new daily events.

The new raid dungeon will provide players with the most tough and exciting challenge in the game to date. It's a 6-player dungeon with unique features and rewards and extreme difficulty level. Players will ge to face 3 different bosses

Players will get the chance to obtain special items, such a new buff/debuff skill book and master-graded accessories with set effects.

Additionally, the update will also introduce daily events that will allow players to receive extra experience and rewards.


c9-chaos-spire-update-screenshots-1 c9-chaos-spire-update-screenshots-2 c9-chaos-spire-update-screenshots-3 c9-chaos-spire-update-screenshots-4

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