Broken Realm starts its open beta


Broken Realm, the new free-to-play browser-based MMORPG from R2Games, is starting today its open beta.

The game, which represent the next chapter in the Crystal Saga narrative, offers the classic and most liked MMORPG elements right in your browser.

Some of the features offered by the game are:

  • - 12 classes to choose from! Broken Realm has four basic classes (barbarian, archer, paladin, and mage), but each class has three advanced classes to choose from. Control time and space as a Chrononaut Mage or unleash the powers of darkness as a Phantom Archer. Four classes, three advanced classes, twelve awesome possibilities!

  • - Knowledge is power! Gain wisdom by learning your enemies' secrets then turn around and use these secrets in battle against them! The more wisdom you gain, the deadlier you become.

  • - Wield your Rage with force! Learn the ways of the Spirit Stone and use its power to inflict mass-damage upon all your surrounding enemies!

  • - Never fight alone! Explore dungeons, join guilds, party up, and compete in competition with or against your friends! With so many options, you're sure to have plenty to do!Source of informations: R2Games press release.

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