Bounty Hounds Online invites you to defy the laws of physics with its new Teleporters and AntiGrav Boards

Today InnoGames introduced new details of the Sci-Fi MMORPG Bounty Hounds Online (BHO). They present the different ways players can get around in the extensive world of BHO. Luckily, the Mercenaries do not have to stick to walking.

Bounty Hounds Online offers the players a number of ways to move around in a convenient and suitable way. The stylish Anti-Grav Boards come in various colors and shapes and of course also differ in speed. Later in the game there will also be a chance to obtain a rare Jetpack.

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The use of teleporters that link certain areas of the game is an alternative mode of transportation. Teleporters will take the players directly to the location they are linked. The Warp Locator is even more helpful. Not only will it take the player to his chosen Warp Anchor Point, but it also provides slots for up to five specific coordinates on any map, so that players can quickly jump to their most frequently visited areas. It is even possible to warp to friends or enemies - whole squads can either meet up or enter hostile territory out of nowhere and wreak havoc and destruction within seconds.

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