Bounty Hounds Online introduces the Combat & Tactical Units

Bounty Hounds Online has introduced the CTUs (Combat & Tactical Units), robots that accompany the player throughout the game.


Designed after animals such as scorpions or dinosaurs, Combat & Tactical Units are the player’s loyal and protective robot companions which fight at the players side. They are divided into three classes: Steelblade, Thunderbolt, and Ironback. Each class have different atributes, capabilities, and exclusive combat skills.

The CTUs will not only be named by the players and level along with them, they can also be improved by the use of machine modifiers, and the teaching of new skills. Every player can obtain up to five CTUs, which are even customizable with specific paint jobs. The Combat & Tactical Units also recharge energy in combat. When a CTU has fully recharged its energy, it can temporarily transform into a very impressive and deadly war machine to wreak havoc upon its enemies.
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