Bountiful Treasures Come to Swashbuckling Strategy MMO Ultimate Pirates This February

Gameforge Launches Swashbuckling Strategy MMO Ultimate Pirates
Bountiful Treasures Come to Swashbuckling Strategy MMO Ultimate Pirates This February

Buccaneering city builder/RTS Ultimate Priates hits the open waves with a brand new update! The free-to-play browser-based strategy game that launched for PC and mobile browsers last year is getting new in-game items, additional language support, as well as a whole host of improvements based on community feedback.

The new Ultimate Priates update includes:

• New Weapons: New, devastating weapons that allow players to acquire even more powerful equipment will make enemies quake in their boots as players use them to wreak havoc across the briny blue.

• Colorful Monsters: The monsters from the depths of the ocean now appear in different colors so that players can see how strong they are before they engage them in battle. Can’t decide whether to attack or retreat? Now the decision will be safer…or perhaps more dangerous if ye be feelin' brave.

• Ranking System Update: The influence of the level difference that the players have on the points gained after an island battle has been halved, so stronger players have fewer rewards when attacking players of lower levels.

• New Language — Japanese: Ultimate Pirates keep on sailing across the seven seas. Currently available in 29 languages including English, German, Italian, and French, starting today, the game is also available in Japanese! Yatta, matey!

• More Improvements: This saber-rattling update also includes a balance in the ranking system, an optimized display of the selected ship, and fixes for several bugs reported by the global pirate community among other changes to increase overall stability and performance.

Keep yer eye on th' horizon, as Ultimate Priates will be bringin' weekly improvements 'n updates throughout 2020.

Players can embark to conquer the high seas and gain infamy across Ultimate Pirates’ vast world by visiting Ultimate Priates game. A client-based Windows PC release of Ultimate Pirates will come in the near future, with additional platforms on the horizon.

Source: Gamefroge - Ultimate Priates

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