Born to Fire announces its Closed Beta

Born to Fire announces its Closed Beta
Aeria Games has announced the start of the closed beta of their new free MMOFPS Born to Fire. The game have 5 classes, each one with unique weaponry and playstyles. Fleet-footed Dual Gunners, for instance, move around quickly and skirmish with their twin submachine guns, while also serving the role of medic to injured teammates. The hulking Point Man, conversely, absorbs a massive amount of damage with his riot shield and provides cover for more offensive-minded allies like Rangers, Snipers, and Heavyfire Experts. With an excellent balance between classes, personal rankings, the game offers a great experience for all players who enjoy with the FPS.

Initially the game has 12 maps, in which the players will face each other in 3 game modes, as well as a system of streaming that allows you to view live games.

Source of information: Aeria Games press release

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