Bigpoint presented Merc Elite

Bigpoint presented Merc Elite


Bigpoint just announced a very interesting new project called Merc Elite. This new upcoming  free-to-play game will bring the modern military setting in the MOBA genre and will feature a 5v5 PvP focused gameplay with cover-based tactical combat.

The key features officially announced until now are:

- 5 versus 5 team battles
- First MOBA game in a new and unique team-based military setting for the
- Domination is the main game mode. Two teams vie for control of the
majority of flags.
- Unique features: Direct fire shooting, precise line of sight and
directional cover.
- Top-down perspective, customizable characters and weapons and over 120
- 5 unique classes: recon, assault, commander, heavy gunner, tank.
- Realistic, near-future setting
- The stronger the opponent, the more experience and currency a player earns
to upgrade characters and weapons.


Source of information: Bigpoint press release

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