Bigpoint is celebrating the sixth anniversary of Seafight

BigPoint is celebrating the sixth anniversary of Seafight and to celebrate it, from 18 March to 21 March 2012, the fight between players and NPCs is on.

Collect eggs and shoot streams of confetti all over. In addition the new Pet system which gives players a helpful sidekick, arrives to the game.

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With everything from aesthetically pleasing adornments to useful cronies, every player will now be able to inject a bit of life into their ship. Use the right Pet to get the right ship design, or the right Pets to collect handy buffs further down the road.

During the birthday extravaganza, there will be hordes of Pet monster NPCs traversing the seas. With a bit of luck, you’ll pick up an additional new Pet in the glittering eggs the Pet monster NPCs leave behind.

For a challenge, take part in the egg hunt and see how you stack up against other players in a fight for a specific Pet. Here’s how it works: All across the seas, certain eggs appear that players can bring aboard their ships. The longer they remain in possession of the egg, the more points they collect. Whoever collects the most points, wins and receives a special Pet as a reward.

There are also fun bonuses scattered about the seas in the form of gift glitter. When these glitter bundles are opened, a small display of fireworks goes off and gets everyone on board in the mood to party! To top off the festivities on the high tides, pirates will be firing confetti rounds at each other.

Another highlight is the bronze, silver and gold medals for players, for vets and landlubbers alike. The longer you’ve played, the better the medal.

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