Bigpoint is celebrating some athletic events for its own games

Bigpoint is celebrating the Olympics with some summer athletics events for its own games inspired by the world-famous five Olympic rings.

Bigpoint’s favourite games are all geared up for the celebrations and have added in athletic quests in London hotspots.

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Dark Orbit - Solar Clash - DarkOrbit announces this year’s summer sporting competition, the “Solar Clash.” On the 27th July the event will kick off with special quests, as well as the “Capture the Beacon” event. The entire event will be ushered in with all the pomp and circumstance befitting an opening ceremony – all the dazzling fireworks you need can be found in the shop. The following disciplines will be represented during the event: Orbit Race, Target Shooting and the Collection Marathon, in which space pilots will have to collect as much ore within a specified amount of time as they can. During the closing ceremonies, the overall winner will be selected and awarded titles and prizes. See if you can be the pilot to win it all!

Battlestar Galactica Online - Festival of Kobol - Get ready for the Kobol Festival where, for 17 days, players will compete in a decathlon of events for the number one spot in the ranks and a big cubit premium. The decathlon has been divided into four different types of tournaments. The first leg will start on 27th July and, every other day, players will be able to prove their mettle in different sectors on the map. At the same time, there will be other opportunities for players to win excellent premiums and rewards. The best 20 players in each tournament on every server will be announced and the top 3 players overall will proudly take their places on the winner’s podium and be decorated with a medal.

Drakensang - Helios Games - Let the Helios Games begin! In the name of King Harold, Queen Antonia is calling for all of the athletes of Duria to take part in the convivial competition. World class athletes will go head to head with each other and particularly spry monsters and they’re all after the same thing: a Bronze, Silver or Gold Helios Amulet. Even the arena will be packed with warriors looking to win a fantastic new costume, not to mention the right to step onto the winner’s platform.

Farmerama Sport Festival - The time of year for the ultimate sporting event in Farmerama is finally upon us: from July 27th until August 12th, all farm animals will be getting together to watch the long-awaited Sports Spectacular. Professional farm animal athletes will be competing in a sporting competition that is packed with the zaniest disciplines you’ve ever seen! All online farmers have these wacky games to look forward to – from the egg run to the water tank climb, all farmers will want to be there to witness these fantastic competitions. There will also be a new, sporty quest for players to complete and, if you’re successful, you just might be the one standing on the winner’s podium, with amazing awards and prizes in tow.

Skyrama - Caution, approaching London for landing. Collect all of the sporty trinkets you can find at the airport and, whoever has stuffed the most items into their suitcase, will win themselves a special airplane designed in honor of the Games. So, get ready Skyrama athletes – this event won’t last for long. On your marks, get set, go!

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