Bigpoint has presented its upcoming Game Updates and Events

Bigpoint has released an overview of the upcoming updates and events coming in the next few weeks in to its games.

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Summer and Olimpic Events:

Dark Orbit - Solar Clash

Attention all space pilots! During the two weeks of the Olympic Games players will be challenged to compete in different tournaments, such as a special version of Capture the Beacon and Defeat the Crazy-Medal-Bot. The Solar Clash will begin with a bombastic opening, complete with spectacular fireworks for all players. The Orbit Race will take them though the whole galaxy and Target Shooting practice will be clocked for speed. Achievements, titles and prizes await the greatest players.

Drakensang - Helios Games

In the name of King Harold, the Queen Antonia calls all great warriors to come to Kingshill for a sport competition of magnificent proportion. As was once the noble tradition of Helios, the greatest heroes will join in battle to prove who among them is the strongest.
Your players will compete to earn the mighty Helios Amulet in bronze, silver or gold, which is said to increase the speed of their attacks. But there's a twist! The team has developed a new costume which disguises the player's class.

Farmerama Sport Festival

The eagerly awaited sport event of the year is at the starting blocks. During the two-week Olympic madness the animals will come out of their stables and gather for the craziest Sport Festival of them all. The fabulous egg and spoon race, as well as the goat water-tank-climbing completion are sure to be the highlights of Farmerama's Sport Fest. So be there or be square! Everyone should join the fun!

Pirate Storm - Tournament of the Great Five

The longest in-game event the world has ever seen is entering the final stretch. Since June, Pirate Storm players have competed in five different tournaments. In the final two weeks of this championship new PvP battlegrounds will be released and special quests will challenge the sailors of the seven seas. By defeating dangerous sea monsters and hostile captains the players will collect not only gold and diamonds but also medals, which can be traded for all sorts of useful items.

Battlestar Galactica Online - Festival of Kobol

With the Festival of Kobol, BGO will provide players with its own version of the Olympic events. Multiple tournaments will entice the players to join the daily competition and will include well-known game types, such as Crucible, Annihilation, Decimation, and Rock Busters. Champions will be bestowed with awards, valuable ammunition and weapons for their winning performances.


Dark Orbit Nyx

Dark Orbit proudly introduces the new quest giver Nyx. This charming young lady will guide the players through the tutorial and become the face of the space pilot missions. Together with Nyx and a new concept for the game entry the Dark Orbit team is constantly improving the entry experience and user interface. In addition to a new landingpage, we will also provide you with fresh teaser material for Dark Orbit.

Drakensang Atlantis

The successful MMORPG is expanding further with a new continent and over 100 new quests on the 5th of July. Players will explore the forgotten island of Helios and fight over a dozen new monsters. They will descend into the fiery depths of the Suvius volcano and test their mettle in an imperial, military campaign against the undead. See the two new bosses for yourself in the new teaser material.

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