Bigpoint has announced the incorporation the Allegorithmic Substance technology to the Battlestar Galactica Online

Bigpoint and Allegorithmic, the leading firm in texturing technology, has announced that its browser-based title, Battlestar Galactica Online incorporates the Allegorithmic Substance technology that enables bigpoint developers to efficiently produce in-game art with various textures.

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Utilizing Unity and Substance products, Bigpoint greatly enhances user experiences by creating in-game art that is optimized for each player’s individual computer.

“Bigpoint is constantly striving to push the boundaries of browser game development and we’re very pleased with the benefits BSGO has gained with the addition of Allegorithmic’s sophisticated technology,” said Matt Norton, Studio Director, Bigpoint Inc. “Substance enables us to produce high-quality art without creating sizing issues. Since we can easily scale assets down from megabytes to kilobytes, we can use higher-res textures all while still minimizing download times for players in the game.”