Big Farm Football Event 2021

Big Farm Football Event 2021
Big Farm Football Event 2021

GoodGame with Big Farm present Footbal Fever 2021 since next July 13th here on

During the European Cup 2021 the players for Big Farm find coaching kits (a combi pellet) on the farms as part of crops.

These kits are containing three items: a trophy, a football and a coach whistle.

During the event the players can ‘train’ their favored national teams by donating whistles. Anytime when their teams have scored a goal the player gets additional trophies and footballs, dependent on the performance level of the related team (strong teams are producing lesser outcome than weak teams).

Furthermore the players can prepare the world cup stadium by producing stadium grass, a new temporary seed type that is usable on farm fields. In this way they can increase the number of combi-pellets per crop.

Event Objective on Big Farm;

The event provides a special event collectible pellet (coaching kits) that the user collects when the event has started. The coachingkits are containing always 3 items:

  • Trophies; These are the winning (ranking) points of the event

  • Footballs; These are the winning points to unlock the own activity rewards

  • Whistles; These are the event currency for donating the own favored national teams

Team Training

Players can donate their achieved whistles to get additional footballs and trophies.


Players can donate whistles into team accounts at any time.

  • 32 team accounts (at the beginning of the European cup - lesser teams later on in playoff stage)

  • User can donate to any team, principally

  • User can donate at any time, principally


Anytime when a donated team has scored a goal (independent on opponent) the players get a defined number of trophies and footballs dependent on the number of donated whistles.

Match time

The system provides some kind of match time modus if a team is playing live.

Team Progression

The event starts with 32 teams. After the 3rd matchday 50% of teams have left the event. In this way the event loses more and
more teams until last day (final match).


The event provides an opportunity to boost the outcome of combi pellets and to improve the outcome of footballs (activity rewards) as well.

Source: GoodGame - Big Farm

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