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Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games or MMORPGs are currently one of the main pillars of online gaming; they have been around for almost 20 years now because everybody loves being a hero and defeating evil with a bunch of friends, although the number of titles released per year for personal computers has decreased lately, it’s not a sign of weakness in the genre but a natural evolution.

With the exponential growth of handheld devices, there is a huge market and great opportunities to take. Several companies are aware of this situation and are working on that market already, some of them were created specifically for that purpose, others are moving from desktop computers software and a few indie companies are showing up to give it a try.

This market is full of useful applications and many games as we all know, but we’re focusing on what we believe is still one of the main genres when you talk about videogames. There are plenty of them out there from old-school looking to top notch graphics games; and as probably you already know, there are different platforms, Android being the most extensive one with hundreds of different mobile devices using it from dozens of manufacturers.

We have gathered information about Android games from different sources, filtered by free games, MMORPG and good ratings and reviews; then we played those games, and made a brief review of each one of them, ending up with a list of what we think are the best free MMORPGs for Android currently on the market.

Avabel Online - news
Avabel Online shot 2Avabel Online shot 1


Avabel Online is a brand new game which brings the MMORPG genre to its maximum by delivering high quality graphics and action combat controls and works perfectly on both smartphones and tablets.

The game has classes with progression so players can pick the one that fits their playing style, the controls are very soft and responsive which is a great addition to the action combat, players can dodge and evade attacks letting them take full control of their characters.

The game has a lot to offer, PvP wise you can fight against other players individually, or join a guild and fight against another guild in bigger and more organized pvp content; on the PvE side there are different types of content, for solo players and parties as well, hunting monsters down and also running server events that happen all the time.

Grepolis - news
Grepolis screenshot 3Grepolis screenshot 1


Grepolis is an example of a well-done port, from browser game to mobile game, the game keeps all the mechanics and features its players are used to, but they can play it anywhere now. For those who don’t know it yet, Grepolis is a strategy MMO where players take on the role of a civilization leader with one city and set in ancient Greece.

It’s in their hands to make it evolve and grow until it becomes a thriving empire with several cities, they can research new technologies, gather an army, conquer new lands and takeover other players’ cities. The game has neat 2D graphics with a lot content which has made it a great success on the browser market and it has recently come to conquer the mobile market as well.

Tribal Wars - news
Tribal Wars shot 2Tribal Wars shot 1


Another great game that just arrived to the mobile market, it also hits the civilization management category but it’s different than others, you can improve and evolve your village into a great city, recruit troopers to defend it, and eventually team up with other players in what is called a tribe.

Since Tribal Wars has been around for browser it already has a lot of content and well-crafted graphics, it has been adapted for mobile devices but it’s the same game as you can play on the browser.

Defend yourself from your foes and vanquish the enemy in this PvP game where you and your friends play together against other players.

Dawn of the Immortals - news
Dawn of the Immortals shot2Dawn of the Immortals shot1


This one is an exception to the “currently on the market” filter, it’s an upcoming title but we got the chance to try it out and we were amazed, that’s why we’re putting it in this list, because we want you to give it a try.

Dawn of the Immortals is an action combat fully-fleshed MMORPG, with all the features you would expect from the genre such as guilds, chat, leveling, skills, PVP arenas, PVE content of different types and much more.

We would say that the graphics and smooth gameplay is what makes it enjoyable, and the rest of the features are what keeps you engaged for a long time.

Armed Heroes - news
Armed Heroes shot 2Armed Heroes shot 1


An isometric action MMORPG, Armed Heroes is a colorful game with high-detailed visuals and effects, it’s focused on dungeon delving and getting better loot, more like Diablo than a classic MMORPG on that sense, but fear not, the amount of bosses, levels and gear players can find in this game has no rival in the genre, so players can get tons of hours of fun out of it.

If that wasn’t enough, they run events and put new content in the game on a monthly basis so it’s hard to catch up, the game also has professions such as fishing, cooking, forging, disenchanting and more which will keep you hooked even further.

If you like PvP you have plenty of possibilities in this game, it’s a mix of MOBA and MMORPG in that respect, making it a pretty unique title that you shouldn’t let pass.

Arcane legends - news
Arcane Legends shot 2Arcane Legends shot 1



Arcane Legends has been around for some time now and focuses on high fantasy roleplay and coop gameplay. The game has won several awards throughout these years and it’s a solid competitor on the market.

Tons of players have been enjoying its easy going mechanics and colorful graphics, it all revolves around getting into a party and cutting up foes and getting experience and loot as you may suppose, the game is polished and runs smooth after all this time so it’s a solid bet for those who like high fantasy games.

It also features solo content and PvP for those of you who enjoy killing each other, there are also pets which is another thing to search for when wandering around.

Terraria - news
Terraria shot 2Terraria shot 1


Terraria is not exactly an MMORPG and it had great success on PC platform. It’s a sandbox with a retro look, pixelated 2D platformer for the young readers. It generates the full map the first time you get into a world, so it’s a huge but limited world, which makes the game run smooth all the time, it’s all about exploration, gathering materials, crafting your shelter and gear, or whatever you feel like, and defeat evil and tough bosses which are spread throughout the world.

You can both play with your friends exploring and hunting monsters together, or fight against them in PvP which everybody can opt in and out at any given time, so you could have for instance, two teams in the same map, doing their own thing, and at a given time turn the pvp flag on and fight to death then switch back to being BFFs.

The controls have been adapted for touch screens which in our opinion works even better than the mouse version under specific circumstances so it’s a win-win situation for all who played the pc version.



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