Batheo the new browser game of YooGames has been released

YooGames has recently launched the new browser game, Batheo.

Batheo is a brand new browser MMORPG which allows you to directly enter the fierce and glorious ancient battles among Gods, Giants and Heroes, without having to go through strategy game conventions such as managing resources and building troops.

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What sets Batheo apart from the competition is its relatively deep combat system. Other games of this kind allow you to build cities and "attack" the enemy, but Batheo goes one step further - it allows you to arrange your soldiers in various formations and equip them to suit your strategy.

Batheo’s Map Traversal System is an engrossing and unique type of PvE mode in which gamers need to fully traverse a particular Map before moving to the next level. Every map contains missions that have to be accomplished in pre-set orders so that gamers can strengthen their characters during the traversal process to prepare themselves for tougher challenges while waiting in subsequent Maps.
It also allows gamers to recruit different types of NPC heroes after defeating them, rewards with various Laurels in each battle which can later be used in upgrading Technology and your hero rank.

While the PvP remains a big focus of the game and encourages players to form leagues, it also comes with substantial single player content. Batheo also has a slightly different construction system. Buildings build and upgrade instantly, but there is a timer that controls how often players can use the build feature.

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