The Background Story of Echo of Soul


A new trailer for Echo of Soul has been released along with information about the game's background story. Aeria Games' newest free to play MMO will be launched in Spring next year. Watch the trailer right now:

According to the legend, Odin - the King of the Gods - was unable to purify the lingering evil known as the Shadow Soul, a remaining essence from the war with the Giants. Instead, he split it into six despicable pieces: Arrogance, Sloth, Jealousy, Rage, Despair, and Discord then scattered them to the farthest corners of the world, hoping that they would never reunite. Despite these noble efforts, the corruption proved too powerful and spread over the world -- now, the Giants are threatening to renew their war to take control of the world. Odin is seeking help from the mortals to become his Soulkeepers and cleanse the world of the Shadow Soul's corruption.


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