Auto Club Revolution: Eutechnyx reveals Closed Beta Test date

Eutechnyx today revealed the launch date of the Closed Beta Test of its eagerly anticipated online racing game and car community, Auto Club Revolution. Closed Beta testing will officially begin next week, on July 25th.

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Testers will have the opportunity to experience firsthand a version of Auto Club Revolution delivered specifically for Closed Beta. Executive Producer, Doug Wolff said, “We’ve produced a specific game set-up for this test phase in order to help us properly scale test features, assess content and see how the Auto Club Revolution platform is shaped and used in a live environment."

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He continues, “For example, we’ve shortened the player level-up system and made the higher tiers (of cars) easier to reach so that we can properly test progression in a real world environment. We’ll reset all of these elements when we move to 'no invitation needed' Open Beta at the next phase. This is a genuine live test so we've built an easy-to-use bug report and feature request ticketing system in order to provide real time feedback to our test players.”

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One of the most exciting features that Eutechnyx will release to Closed Beta players is the car modification 'Workshop'. In the Workshop players can customise their cars through an entirely web-based interface which combines stunning, highly detailed 3D car models with easy-to-use tools. With complete freedom over the colour and paint style of their cars and a rich set of decals, shapes, designs and paint schemes, Closed Beta players will be able to create a unique and personalised garage of cars.

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Product Manager Jason Collins said; “The workshop in Closed Beta is just a flavour of the style and presentation of how players will modify their cars. When the focus and scope of testing changes more features will be added giving players even more customisation, modification and upgrade options for their cars.”

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Auto Club Revolution Closed Beta begins on 25th July 2011. Applications to take part in this phase of testing will close soon, to ensure you’re included, please sign up on the official website.

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