Atlantica Online is celebrating the Riederan’s Monster Invasion event and welcomes the new mercenary sorceress Mwindo

Nexon’s strategic turn-based MMORPG, Atlantica Online, challenges the players to participate in the Riederan’s Monster Invasion event and welcomes the new sorceress mercenary Mwindo available for recruitment.

The December content update will feature the first wave of the Monster Invasion. Brave souls can rise up to exterminate Riederan and his monsters every Sunday through Jan. 8.

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“Riederan’s Invasion” event will challenge players to rescue Atlantis by wiping out Riederan’s troops. Players will be given 30 minutes to defeat 10,000 monsters in each town.

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A moment of hope and calm enters the storm in Atlantis. The mesmerizing Sorceress mercenary Mwindo has arrived in Africa with a mission. Abandoned by her father for her supernatural powers, Mwindo has trained all her life to become the leader of her tribe one day. Mwindo wields a staff and the command of Primal Monsoon Magic, which inflicts the highest damage among all magic skills.

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