Atlantica Online has launched a video presenting its new mercenary, Khun Phaen

Atlantica Online, the strategic turn-based MMO from Nexon, has presented a video featuring Khun Phaen, a new mercenary coming to the game on October 11.

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The warlord Khun Phaen hails from Thailand, where he entered monkhood at an early age and developed an interest in militaristic skills and Lighting Magic.

Khun Phaen is equipped with a thunder orb that allows him to execute skills such as Thunderbolt Slash, Rally and Demoralize.

-The Demoralize skill disables an opponent’s magic attacks for a turn by intimidating an enemy or boss.
-Rally, the warlord’s thunderous call, increases the main character’s stats by restoring MP during each turn.
-Thunderbolt Slash permeates the warlord’s sword with the elemental power of lightning, dealing heavy damage to opponents.

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