Atlantica Online brings 5 of the world wonders

In the eagerness to make Atlantica Online more realistic, its authors have located it in a world map almost real of Europe, Africa and Asia. But that's not all. The developers team has made a huge effort to get from each country a monument or famous location, and taking it into the game itself.

You can find the Sabatini Gardens in Spain, Roman Coliseum in Italy, a Van Gogh area near Paris, Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall in China, Keops Pyramid and the Kings Valley in Egypt, Hanging Gardens in Babylon, Pantheon in Greece and Stonehenge in England. This way 5 of the 12 wonders of the Old and Modern World are gathered in this MMORPG which allows you to play on them.

Atlantica Online is an innovative MMORPG which uses a turn-based combat system with several simulation modes and its in Open Beta currently. The game runs dialy competitions where you can get iPads, iPods and cash rewards. Atlantica Online is free to play and uses a micro-payment system.

Main Features

• Turn-based fight system. Tactical combat experiences is not much common in current MMORPGs. Atlantica gets back to the traditional RPG roots, brings classic turn-based combat system which combine tactical movements and offers a complete strategic game!
• Mercenaries system. Hire up to 18 mercenaries who will travel with you. Up to 8 mercenaries can fight besides you in the battle, and you can select best gear depending on each mission. Mercenaries, like their heroe, move forward in grade and rank as they become stronger.
• Awesome PvP system. Test your strength with your playing mates! Publish your own challenge, and then defeat them all to get their gold.
• City managment and Government system. Gather your guild and take over a village. With a village under your control, you can build your own city. Become king, with skills and powers that nobody else can own. Also, You can declare war to other cities to gather a huge fortune.
• Useful guilds. Player can work along their guild mates in order to create extraordinary items, gain access to exclusive guild dungeons, and get unprecendented objects which are out of range from solo players.
• Master system. Make new friendships and strenghten comradeship during your search across Atlantis. Get a new adventurer and share your experiencies with your apprentices. Get a gift when your apprentice reachs level 30 and get Master Points each time he levels up. You will be able to spend your points to get Items and Experience Books from Pointry in Roma.
• Brand new sharing wisdom system. Teach your learnt skills to your friends, or share monsters information with newbies to help them out in their journey.

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