Atelier 801 Announces Survival MMO Dead Maze

Atelier 801 Announces Survival MMO Dead Maze


French developer Atelier 801 unveiled today a new free to play isometric zombie-themed survival MMO: Dead Maze. The game, which features 2D colourful isometric graphics, is expected to launch in early 2018 on PC through Steam. Watch the announcement trailer below.

Dead Maze takes players to a destroyed Western United States where humanity has been devastated by zombies. Players will have to survive, monitoring their health as they face not only zombies, but thirst, hunger and diseases.

“Who doesn’t love zombies? At Atelier 801 we love them with all our hearts, so we are very excited to reveal our unique take on the apocalypse, Dead Maze,” said Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand, co-founder of Atelier 801. “With Dead Maze we wanted to try and do something different: an MMO where you have to work together in order to survive and restore civilization. Exploring, crafting, fighting; all of this is key, but you won’t last long on your own. We can’t wait for our community and players to get started.”

Watch the first trailer:

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