Asda 2 begins its Closed beta has started its the closed beta test for Asda 2, today , May 5th for a very limited time, ending Monday, May 9,.

The sequel to the popular fantasy anime-style MMORPG will feature endless variety, hard-core PvP action and numerous customization possibilities.

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Players in closed beta will encounter the new "Avatar System" which will grant players extensive control over their character's look and style.
Players can also join forces with the revolutionary "Soul Mate" system to level faster and become far more powerful than when playing alone. They will also have the opportunity to gain access to unique Soul Mate abilities and skills, thus gaining bonus item rewards and in-game perks by playing together.

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"There is already so much anticipation for Asda 2 that we are really looking forward to player feedback as we introduce them to this new title in the Asda franchise," said said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, Head of Marketing at "With a dynamic weather system, new two-Faction PVP system, a unique Soul Mate and Marriage system, a slew of new content and limitless customization being just SOME of the features in Asda 2, players are in for an unmatched new MMORPG experience."

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