Armored Warfare Next Test Phase

Armored Warfare is ready for its next test. Early Access Test 5 will launch on September 3 and will last till September 20. Along with new maps, vehicles and some gameplay changes, this test will include the Base feature, a seat of power for players where they can develop buildings and upgrade their power.

AW test5 F2P4 AW test5 F2P1

Base starts with just a single garage, but many additional structures can be built to provide boosts. Buildings can be upgraded from 1 to the maximum level of 8. So far, the list of buildings that players will be able to construct and their bonuses is what follows:

  • Academy: a bonus to commander XP per battle.

  • Airport: a Credits discount when purchasing Retrofit upgrades.

  • Ammo Depot: a Reputation discount to unlock Firepower upgrades.

  • Armory: a Reputation discount to unlock Armor upgrades.

  • Barracks: a bonus to Crew XP.

  • Command Center: aGlobal Match Reputation gain bonus.

  • Garage: a Global Repair Cost reduction.

  • Helipad: a Global Match Credit gain bonus.

  • Harbor: an incremental Raw Materials shipment increase.

  • Recon Post: a discount to Premium Time purchases.

AW test5 F2P2 AW test5 F2P3

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