Argo Online presents a new trailer

We show a new trailer for ARGO Online, the hybrid MMORPG currently in Open Beta.

In this trailer you can see many scenes ingame the game as well as various characters, bosses and scenes.

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ARGO Online Features

- Free, no need to pay subscriptions
- Two races and eight classes each
- Transport systems for groups of three players to ten players (troop carriers) depending on the race(Fantasy: mount / Steampunk: vehicles)
- Different types of air transport (depending on race)
- Auction House
- Extensive ranking systems
- Pet System with two different designs, one per race, animals and machines.
- Thousands of missions related to an exciting backstory
- System of crafts that will improve the objects and give them new attributes.
- Resources System (earthdium ore) to make various improvements (flying, attack, defend)
- Open areas for PvP encounters
- Player vs. Player Dungeons
- Interactive map system to find important characters, and missions easier.
- Huge battlefields for epic wars with hundreds of players
- Various modes PvP (like Capture the Flag)
- Elements of real-time strategy (RTS)

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