ARGO Online begins a Screenshot Contest

Burda:ic has announced today a new screenshot capture contest for the Steampunk-themed Fantasy MMORPG ARGO Online, giving players a chance to compete for great in-game prizes while also getting a chance to see the war torn Earth of the future in a whole new light.

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Starting today, players are challenged to find the most aesthetically pleasing view in ARGO Online and capture the stunning scenery by taking a screenshot, thereafter submitting it for a chance to win in-game prizes, which include EXP percentage increases, movement speed potions, and more.

Players only have until May 27th at 2:59PM PST/5:59 PM EST to submit their best shots.

1) Find yourself a high vantage point and take your screenshot
2) Send your screenshot to with the following information:
- Subject: ARGO Screenshot Event
- Content: Nickname, Character Name and Faction
- 2 screenshots are the max allowed per account, but only one can win.

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