ARGO Online announces the start of his Closed Beta

Burda: ic Announces that the first test event or ARGO Beta will begin on February 25.

The first Beta event promises to offer users a large amount of content, among which stands out: 10 enormous dungeons, 20 available territories, with two races to choose from and 8 classes per race, hundreds of missions divided into 5 categories, joined by an intriguing argument, and interactive maps to find missions and important characters in the game.

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Players can also enjoy a full crafting system and resource extraction, six professions in ways PvP dungeons, raids, different types of mounts for both factions; achievement system, and pet system customized for each type of player. In addition, this Beta phase, players can reach level 30 game.

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The Beta will be organized in different phases. In the first phase, will provide access to a small number of users. In starting the second phase will involve all players receive keys or keys that can only be achieved by registration on the official website. After this phase, and every two days, most players can get access to servers and access to test this title.

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