ARGO has been launched today!

From today, ARGO Online is available for anyone.

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ARGO Online offers:

- PvP Battlegrounds (100 vs. 100)
Twice a day, ARGO Online players will be able to fight in this bloody battlefield. The winning faction will get valuable items and Earthdium.

- PvP Battlegrounds (Ressource War)
Twice a day, all players can participate in this battle. Both factions will fight for Earthdium. In half of "Shine Dessert" there is a big mountain with Earthdium crystals. The headquarters of the Noblian is in the north and the Floresslah headquarter is in the south. To win you have to destroy the enemy base.

- RTS PvP Mode
In this mode, players can fight one on one matches, three against three or five against five. The purpose will be to gather resources as quickly as possible and destroy the enemy base.

General features of the game:

- Free to play, no monthly fees
- Available in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French
- Two unique races to choose from and eight classes for each breed
- Thousands of missions and a special substantive argument
- Interactive map that allows you to find NPCs, quests, etc.
- System resources (based on mineral Earthdium) to get abilities (flying, attack, defense)
- System of crafts and multiple upgrade options objects
- Many professions to develop
- Maximum level: 50
- Pet System with two completely different designs (animals and machines).
- Different transport systems for each race: for Floresslah be frames for Noblia animals, vehicles.
-Wide variety of PvP modes, war maps PvP (Ressource War), and PvP modes RTS (Real Time Strategy)
- Open PVP areas and PVP dungeons
- Raid instances to play with dozens of friends
- System guilds
- Auction house to trade items
- Achievement System
- Atmosphere inspired by the classic western

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