Archlord new class Dragon Scion Beta and Items giveaway

To celebrate the release of the new Archlord race, the Dragon Scion, we're giving away Beta keys which come along with an items pack for you to check the new and cool Archlord race.

Archlord takes place in the world called Chantra, where thousands of fierce monsters and adventures existed. Fight your way through dangerous dungeons, against many other players, as you try to level up your character and become the best.

There are currently 3 races that settle down in Chantra world, and the fourth race Dragon Scion will arrive in December. All races have their own adaptations and abilities to help defeat their opponents. Players can choose from 9 different classes: Elementalist, Ranger, Swashbuckler, Knights, Mages, Archers, Berserkers, Sorcerers, and Hunter.

Click image for larger version. Name: Orbiter_ScreenShot.jpg Views: 780 Size: 412.4 KB ID: 2383 Click image for larger version. Name: Scion_ScreenShot.jpg Views: 746 Size: 368.7 KB ID: 2387Click image for larger version. Name: Slayer_ScreenShot.jpg Views: 734 Size: 425.3 KB ID: 2386Click image for larger version. Name: BackGround_3.jpg Views: 679 Size: 314.7 KB ID: 2388Click image for larger version. Name: BackGround_1.jpg Views: 672 Size: 268.9 KB ID: 2385Click image for larger version. Name: BackGround_2.jpg Views: 662 Size: 267.0 KB ID: 2384


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