Archlord II unveils new features


Webzen has just unveiled new interesting  information about its upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, Archlord 2, along with new screens and a new trailer. 

The game features a unique classless system which let you adapt to any role in combat, depending on which of the the 4 available weapon types you are using. Each weapon gives you access to different sets of active and passive skills.

Archlord2 Screenshot_03Archlord2 Screenshot_02Archlord2 Screenshot_01Archlord2 Screenshot_04

Moreover, thanks to the game's skill system, you will be able to chain certain attacks in a fixed order in order to unleash powerful combos. This requires perfect timing and the right skill order, but will increase your damage output noticeably.

Source of information:  Webzen press release

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