Archlord 2 Releases First Update of the Year


Archlord 2 has just released its latest content update, first update of 2015, following the Eternal Strife expansion release back in December 2014. This news comes with a new trailer and some screnshots. Check them out!


Archlord 2 - February Update 02 Archlord 2 - February Update 01

This new content update increases the level cap to 51 and introduces a new tier of equipment for both PvE and PvP, two new areas (Land of Corruption and Sunny Garden), the new Underground Garden of Light dungeon and a new skirmish for players on level 46 or above

Red Tear Land, the new skirmish, will take players to a battlefield where the goal for each team is to be the first to destroy the enemy’s Sentria in order to rise victorious and claim the rewards.

Watch the trailer for this content update:


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