Most Anticipated Free to Play MMOs in 2015


We are looking to give you a rundown of the most anticipated free to play MMOs in 2015. Coming from a wide variety of genres these games currently sit in various stages of alpha and beta testing and are yet to get their full release or reach open beta, and we absolutely cannot wait until they do.



Skyforge - news
Skyforge Gunner shot2 Skyforge Gunner shot1

Developed by both Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team this sci-fantasy-based MMORPG where players take on the role as a newborn immortal tasked with defending their planet after the disappearance of their own God that is now under the threat of enemy planets, their respective gods and their army of followers.



 Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul - news
Blade & Soul screenshot 8 Blade & Soul screenshot 5

From NCSoft comes another epic where fantasy meets wuxia style Chinese martial arts MMORPG  where players can choose from different races and classes with strong PVE content and PVP Faction wars. Already received extremely well in the Korean market, topping the number of game charts, the game has a thriving community of players.


Everquest Next 

EverQuest Next - news
EverQuest Next screenshot (15) EverQuest Next screenshot (14)

Coming from Sony Online Entertainment, EverQuest Next will be the newest instalment of the franchise adding environments that players can actively affect and dynamic quests where the intelligent AI starts reacting to player actions including the ability to build frontier settlements in a community effort. Exciting stuff looks?



Black Desert Online 

Black Desert Online - news
Black Desert Online screenshot 9 Black Desert Online screenshot 7

One of the most visually stunning MMORPGs due for release the game hails from Korean developers Pearl Abyss and has so far been a big hit, with multiple classes, in-depth crafting, ships, flying, epic scale PVP including mounted combat and a whole host of other awesome features. The game is currently in Open Beta Testing so hopefully not long until release.



Tree of Savior 

Tree of Savior - news
Tree of Savior shot 2 Tree of Savior shot 1

The spiritual sequel to Ragnarok Online and is being developed by the games creator, this MMORPG features seemingly classic RPG style and gameplay but with extremely modern 3-D graphics to create an impressive looking title. Said to have a total of eight classes available to players at launch. Fans of the original Ragnarok Online can but wait with bated breath.




Bless - news
dcuo_scr_DLC8_Celes-CelestialBlessing_001 Bless wallpaper 2

Utilising a more gritty graphical style developed with Unreal Engine 3, Bless focuses on story driven content and challenging combat focusing more on perfecting classic features and gameplay as opposed to trying to innovate. With a wide selection of classes and races players will be lost and immersed in this huge world of monsters and magic.



Warhammer 40.000 Eternal Crusade 

Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade - news
EternalCrusade_Zoo_NewTerrainTw 2014-08-08 13-40-05-96_wip EternalCrusade_Zoo_NewTerrainTw 2014-08-08 13-36-24-49_wip

Developed by BE Haviour this PVP focused third person shooter meets RPG will for the first time take players into the Warhammer 40k MMO where factions and clans can battle it out for territory. With some of the key factions from the franchise available the game offers elements of PVE as well as the ongoing PVP war.



Total War: Arena

Total War Arena - news
Total War Arena screenshot (6) Total War Arena screenshot (3)

From Creative Assembly comes a new edition to the Total War franchise, focusing on players handling their own small manageable squad of three units as opposed to the huge armies they are used to in the standard games. Fast-paced skirmishes and team based strategy create a MOBA meets MMO RTS strategy.



Armored Warfare 

Armored Warfare - news
Armored Warfare screenshot (10) Armored Warfare screenshot (5)

Who doesn’t love Tank battles!? This team based modern military shooter from Obsidian has been developed with the CryEngine3, so it looks and feels hella impressive! Though PVP is a focus there are PVE campaigns for players to advance their own story arc and a wide scope for tank customisation to really put players in control.



Albion Online 

Albion Online - news
Albion Online screenshot (8) Albion Online screenshot (3)

Another sandbox MMORPG allows players to explore, craft and fight in this open fantasy themed world where players can construct their own homes, towns and even cities and then defend them against other rival settlements in a PVP focused MMO. The game boasts a classless system where players abilities are determined by the gear that they find, equip and upgrade!




Lost Ark

Lost Ark - news
Lost Ark shot 2 Lost Ark shot 1

Another visual masterpiece from the world of Korean MMORPGs, developed by Smilegate the game might be unheard of by most but those that know of it simply can’t wait until it hits our western shores. An isometric top down Diablo style RPG but with the size and scope of an MMORPG, there’s a lot of buzz about the game and we can only hope it delivers.



Echo of Soul 

  Echo of Soul - news
Echo of Soul screenshot  (2) Echo of Soul screenshot  (4)

From the main developers that worked on Lineage II the game sticks with its traditional MMORPG roots, classic tried and tested features and gameplay with extensive end game content. There’s not a lot in the way of released features so far, but after winning Best MMORPG 2014 at the Thailand Game Show Festival it’s made its way onto our watch list.



H1Z1 - news
H1Z1 screenshots (22) H1Z1 screenshots (5)

Sony Online Entertainments new zombie survival horror MMO is a truly open sandbox with in depth crafting and open world PVP (though an optional PVE only server does exist). Still in early Alpha development the game drops players into an abandoned and near lifeless rural landscape where everything wants you dead, from the zombies, players and the bad chicken you scavenged from a dumpster.



World of Warships 

World of Warships - news
World of Warships screenshots  (2) World of Warships screenshots  (5)

After tanks and warplanes, Wargaming brings its military-combat "World of " series on the seas with World of Warships, where players will be able to control a huge selection of historically accurate warships and fight in team-based, fast paced matches.

Wargaming promises to feature realistic and beautiful visuals, dynamic weather that affect the gameplay and several roles and gameplay styles which will challenge players to create different strategy and tactics.




Landmark - news
Landmark screenshot (15) Landmark screenshot (7)

A standalone sanbox resource gathering-building MMO from Sony Online Entertainment, it’s Minecraft meets the world of EverQuest with better graphics, physics and the added addition of players builds and designs potentially being imported into the sister title EverQuest Next as permanent features in the game.



World of Speed 

World of Speed - news
World of Speed screenshots (5) World of Speed screenshots (3)

Slightly Mad Studios, developers behind Need for Speed: Shift, have now brought us the next iteration in the series with this open sandbox driving MMO. Player can race against each other in classic arcade game modes in either solo or team based matches where players can customize their vehicles as per the role they want to fill in a particular race.



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