Angels Online presents a new zone, the Colorful Coral Reefs

Angels Online fantasy presents the Colorful Coral Reefs a new zone on the southeastern end of Puqi Island.

This exotically beautiful area is a perfect paradise for beach lovers and snorkelers alike.

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Players can hone their skills with the help of “the king of the ocean,” an NPC known as Surfer Veifu. He was a famous sea conqueror who braved many storms to achieve greatness.

The strangely-shaped Colorful Coral Reefs also mark the edge of Atlantis. Just southwest of the reefs, Mermaid Alice can often be seen basking in the warm sun. A skilled crafter, she designs intricate music boxes that play the most beautiful music ever heard. She seeks just the right materials to make a very special music box.

Toward the Blue Sea stand the majestic Totems of the four main cities. Towering over the crimson horizon, the totems provide a perfect resting place where tired angels can catch their breath and prepare themselves for the next leg of their wild and crazy adventures.

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