Angels Online enters to Egypt with its latest expansion

Angels Online the fantasy MMORPG has released today its latest expansion, Pharaoh’s Lost Treasure.

Players will have a chance to be acquainted with the culture, heritage and the colorful history of the ancient Egyptians with seven new maps to explore.

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The newest Pharaoh’s instance boasts three of the strongest bosses ever seen in game; each with their own special ability. It takes teamwork, effort and a good mix of classes for an easier fight.
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Also, the daily event system or dailies is coming with the expansion, and offer a range of different, easy and enternaining quests. Some of these daily quests require cooperation from teammates to achieve a goal while other can be accomplished in solo. Daily events offer great rewards that can be used while grinding or exploring the deep valleys of Basil City.

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For those looking for flashy animations and slick maneuvers, the game developers have customized a series of new skills to each class. From support magic to strong debuffs, deadly poisons to the twang of the bowstring, each skill comes with its stunning animation and deal powerful damage to foes. Despite its level limitations, these skills will prove useful when besieged by the hordes of walking dead and sand critters hide in the dust of the desert sands.

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